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A home renovation can change your life

Never underestimate the transformative power of a well-done reno. Apart from the eco-credentials of renovating rather than demolishing, there’s huge satisfaction in improving an old building. Making it truly yours. Making it better.

A home renovation can be a huge boost. More light, more room and, if you opt for high-performance materials, a healthier home that’s more economical to run in the long term.

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How we cost renovations

Renovations can be tricky to cost. Older buildings are notorious for keeping secrets and springing surprises. But we believe in being transparent about costing out jobs. Here’s what we factor in.

Concept Plan
Once you have a concept plan from your designer, we’ll work out a build cost estimate to see if it sits within your allowed budget.
Client review
You decide if you want to proceed.
Final Plan
If you choose to go ahead, your designer/architect will then draw up a detailed plan.
Accurate cost breakdown
We’ll then provide you with an accurate build cost breakdown based on the final plan.


We pass on what we pay. Which means we charge you trade or wholesale prices


We invest a lot in our team, and we want them to stick around. We pay our builders well and we make no apologies for that.


Our margin comes on only at the end. We keep it ethical and fair. We don’t hide costs or mark up individual materials purchases.

Variations to scope

If, during the build, you want a variation to the agreed-upon scope, we’ll negotiate the cost separately and work it out according to the principles above.

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